Title: She the Creator

Genre: Thriller/ Mystery/ LGBTQ

Logline: A traumatized painter goes off her meds in hopes of returning to her work but loses grasp of reality as she is led by her misguided caretaker and the voices of the women in her paintings.

Synopsis: She the Creator is a dark surreal narrative that tells the allegorical tale of a traumatized painter losing touch with reality as she spirals into self-destruction. Lilith, an isolated recluse with agoraphobia finds her only connection through her jaded-poet caretaker Kat. Upon deciding to stop taking her meds, she begins painting for the first time since the incident years prior. Both she and her devoted caretaker become deeply invested in her work, but Lilith must learn to balance her escapism with their ability to care for herself.
Short Character Bios:
KAT (Mid 40’s/ Late 40’s, F)
Kat, a 45 year old jaded writer with a savior complex cares for Lilith with hazy lines of professionalism and morality. As Lilith’s caretaker, Kat makes irresponsible choices in attempts to encourage Lilith to pursue her work. To compensate for her own feelings of failure as a writer and an estranged daughter to her mentally ill mother Kat seeks to redeem herself through walking in the shadow of Lilith’s success. Kat’s personality shifts throughout the film from a caring and confused caretaker to reveal a full on mass manipulator and narcissist. How far will she go to see herself realized, and at what cost?
DAVID (Late 30’s/Early 40’s, M)
David, a 41 year old art gallery owner has a quick wit and business oriented nature. Confident, handsome, but aloof David seeks to find authentic artwork in an otherwise shallow and commercial artistic community. His desire to show powerful and emotional work comes from his own past of being a failed artist and lends to his impatience and over eagerness to fill a gallery show with Lilith’s work.
Clean cut
TARA (20’s, F or Non-binary)
Tara is a 20’s something femme or non-binary esoteric barista who offers counsel to Kat throughout the film in and out of the coffeeshop.Tara has a compassionate and quirky demeanor combined with a strong independent nature that is highlighted in their attempts to help Kat overcome her demons.

ELEMENTALS: WATER, EARTH, AND/OR AIR (F/Non Binary, Ages 18-45 can submit)
The Elementals are each representations of Lilith’s paintings, anthropomorphised versions of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. These ‘elementals’ visit Lilith in dreams and progressively torment her more and more until they are finished.
WATER (Dana)- An emotional and seductive being who slowly pulls Lilith into the depths of her emotional turmoil.
Physical Attributes: Curvaceous figure, any height, curves ok, medium to long dark hair ideally, any complexion.
EARTH (Gaia)- A frightening maternal like force that buries Lilith in her grief as she spirals into delusion and self destruction.
Physical Attributes: Strong/ curvaceous figure, strong hands, long hair ideally, any complexion.
AIR (Aura)- A cold and tormented being with an expressive face and flexible body, that is suspended in Shibari ropes, bound and hung upside down. (Must be comfortable being bound and suspended by a professional, previous experience not required but a plus.)
Physical Attributes: Long legs & hands, large eyes, expressive face, flexible, any complexion.

MOTHER (55-65,F)
SARA (16-23,F)
BRUCE (60, M) Just wants to share his poetry
CROW WOMAN (20’s-30’s,F) Embodiment of a painting
CAB DRIVER (50’s, M)
AUCTIONEER (40’s-50’sF)
EXTRAS (Older Women (55’s-75’s), Auctioneers (20’s-70’s), Gallery Attendees (20’s- 70’s)

Production Company: Bioluminescent Films production in association with Pieced Together Productions and Off the Wall Artist Collective & the Northwest Film forum

Production Type: Feature, Artist Collective

Contact Information: bioluminescentfilms@gmail.com

Compensation: IMDb Credit, Copy, food

Union Status: Any

Audition Information: Please send headshot, resume,  links to previous work, and a video recording of the monologue linked of the role you are interested in to email above with the subject: She the Creator - Auditions (Insert role(s) you are interested in here) Sides (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PNQo3avRMzzmkSwJ95scCcG6lHgywMuucQ698oLOqWI/edit?usp=sharing)

Callbacks: TBD

Filming Schedule: March, April 2019

Filming Location: Port Townsend, Port Orchard & other various Kitsap County, WA locations, just a ferry ride from Seattle!

Project Description: This is a Bioluminescent Films production in association with Off the Wall Art Collective and Pieced Together Productions. Friend me to be added to the Pieced Together Productions - Washington Casting Calls Facebook Group!

We currently do not have any additional productions casting.
Be sure to check back here and on our facebook groups for postings!
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