​​​​​​​Hannah was born in Loveland, CO and moved to Denver where she earned her AAS degree in writing/producing. She then moved to Seattle, WA to complete her BAS in digital filmmaking.
Hannah aims to help represent a more inclusive society in her own filmmaking as well as in the projects she chooses to produce. This could be a statement piece or as simple as being mindful in every stage of production to be an accurate reflection of society. She wants to have some fun along the way and create some spectacular, fun, and cool pieces! 
As an intersectional feminist and pansexual writer/director, Hannah uses this lens to explore her passions specializing in sci-fi, personal pieces, fantasy, and horror/thriller. 
When Hannah helms a film piece as producer, she cherry picks stories that she finds moving, important to humanity, or just plain fun and exciting to be a part of!  ​​​​​
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